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Yet lesser-known loopholes would leave many women vulnerable to homicide at the hands of abusers even if the gun show loophole were closed. In many states, convicted abusers can keep and purchase firearms. Federally, it is illegal for people convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge to possess a firearm. However, because states define such misdemeanors in different ways, people who have committed certain acts of domestic abuse that would bar them from firearms in some states can still obtain and keep guns in others. A long line of research confirms that there is a much greater risk of a woman being murdered if her abuser has dating loophole to guns in the home. Even if states came more in line with federal laws, many women would be left unprotected.

Emerald Valley Armory gun shop in Creswell, Oregonabout miles south of Portland, is experiencing a spike in sales. While Washington stalls over gun reform even as thousands prepare for the March for Our Lives rally for gun control, Oregon just passed the first gun control law since the attack in Parkland, Florida. The new measure makes it more difficult for people with domestic violence convictions to purchase or even possess a firearm. Sincefederal law has largely dating loophole people with domestic abuse misdemeanors from accessing guns. Under the new state lawsomeone who is convicted of a domestic abuse misdemeanor — who only dated their victim, never lived with them, and never had children together — cannot buy or own a gun. For gun advocates, however, the new bill is a point of contention and confusion.

In the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, the debate over gun control has once again come to dominate national headlines and social media networks. As student activists continue to bring the issue of school shootings into the spotlight, gun control advocates are hoping to broaden the conversation to additional reform measures that could save a number of lives each year, including doubling down on details like the dangerous "boyfriend loophole. Most people agree that the aim of federal background checks is to prevent dangerous people from being able to buy a firearm. Under the Lautenberg Amendment , a person convicted of certain domestic violence crimes is prohibited from buying or owning a gun.
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This saves the lives of women and encourages responsible gun ownership. VAWA19 pic. It's absolutely absurd and obscene that gun lobbyists write our nation's laws, especially those protecting women. You can't shout down a woman! Skip navigation! Story from Politics. The U. House of Representatives voted to renew the Violence Against Women Act VAWA on Thursday, adding a new provision that closes dating loophole "boyfriend loophole" by extending existing gun restrictions to include current and former dating partners convicted of abuse or stalking charges.

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