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From juggling boys if only we could choose between guys are cute as Bryson and Louis to trying to survive in the Big Apple, I was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on it all. And now, so can you. How did you first get involved with the show? Well, they were shooting for this other show, which was a spin off of a show called The Paper about a high school newspaper and their journalism program, and I was in a broadcast journalism program that they were interested in shooting. They interviewed me and we did some shoots and it just kind of morphed into My Life as Liz and louis dating in real life. What made you want to share your life and all of the experiences that you had with pretty much everyone in the world?

American actress Liz and louis dating in real life Gillies is making headlines at the moment not only because of her fascinating career and visible twists and turns in her personal life. The Vacation star has not confirmed anything about her relationship status but has given enough to the media to talk about her. Liz's love life is something with a number of twist and turns. She has one story and the very next day she's back with some other facts.

As per few media resources, Gillies may be not straight because of her friendship with Ariana Grande. Together these two has also released a duet. Moreover, there many other videos and mixtapes are available over the Internet and which is puzzling the media whether there is something between them.
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In my life as Liz,what is bryson hiding from Liz. Um well in the showit has says he was dating another girl back in austin. Bryson is played by Bryson. It's a mockumentary, so all of the people are real. Liz Liz and louis dating in real life is her actuall name. Bryson MorganMorgan. It originally says Drag Racing Magazines but racing is crossed out and replaced with Queen. Liz and Cena are no longer dating he is dating Mickie James. Avan jogia Actually its not Avan. She has never said to be dating him, and Liz has said that the subject of "Elavan" makes her feel awkward.

Which means it looks like it's real but it's not. The Charecters are not real people. But as you may or may not know, Ariana and Elizabeth starred in a play on Broadway called So Ariana and Liz are the best of friends right now. Ariana liz and louis dating in real life befriended Matt. Liz Gillies sing all of the songs on victorious.

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