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In case you spent your cheezburger dating fails in a cave devoid of all media, the trailer for the Deadpool sequel 'leaked' yesterday; and naturally, it was absolutely amazing. With great power comes great sexuality. Seems logical enough. Marvel Fandom has had its fair share of running jokes and hilarious moments, mostly thanks to the resoundingly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. These fantastic Marvel-infused memes almost never fail to make us laugh.

Animals are a gift and blessing for humankind. From funny pets, to wild animal bloopers, they offer an endless amount of laughs, often unintentionally at their expense. But with nearly countless hours of material to sift through to find which ones are worth our notice, and which need to go the way of the dodo, you wonder what some of the best ones are. So for your viewing pleasure and hilarity, we have collected some of the best animal gifs around to satisfy your cravings. Bats are cheezburger dating fails misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom - while they're associated with witches, vampires and darkness in general, they're actually super cute and interesting. And scientists have just discovered something amazing about them - bats use leaves as "mirrors" that reflect sound waves, helping them find insects hiding behind leaves. Cool, right?

There's a stereotype that men are extremely clueless when it comes to flirting. Obviously this isn't always true, and often times women are just as clueless guilty as charged , but the guy in this particular story is certainly not helping that stereotype! Honestly, we think he should've known that something was up as soon as she mentioned that she needed help with her bed of all things! Completely sapped after a long Monday of pain? We've got something that will help you out. These dank memes and funny pics will re-energize you so that you can make the most of of the time that matters - the time you're not spending on the clock!
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In Wreck-It Ralph 2there is a scene in which all the Disney Princesses are in a room together chatting, and when Merida finally speaks, no one is able to understand a word she says due to her heavy Scottish accent. This may be a year old but it started circulating the web recently. Twitter has turned this scene into a meme by trying to deciphering what Merida is saying, and the results are just too good not to share. Every week, we bring you the funniest tweets written by women this week. Because there are some jokes that only cheezburger dating fails can tell

Mike Pence has been heavily meme'd and that level cheezburger dating fails memery is only growing. The most recent addition to the line of Pence memes has been this 'Fake History' take on Jonny Quest, which features Baron Trump and Pence in place of Jonny and his dad, in a fight against the gays and immigrants. These are basically an extension of Trump Memesas Mike Pence is his Vice President and joke that poke fun at one is the same as poking fun at the other. Say what you will about the President, but there's no denying that his Twitter habits have given us hours of entertainment. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway! Here are some of our favorites.

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