feminism ruined my dating life

April Holt, 22 years old

About me:
R eality TV is a favoured form of escapism for me. A young woman, attractive and intelligent, had dinner with a man who seemed pleasant enough. But I did not hear him speak as feminism ruined my dating life monopolised the entire conversation by boasting about her degree in environmentalism and hectored him, without pause, on global warming and green energy. She treated the entire date as an opportunity to virtue-signal. The poor man sat there with a puzzled look on his face. Unsurprisingly he did not want to see her again.

You will not be able to enjoy popular culture, politics, sex, motherhood, relationships or just about any other human, social or cyber interaction without dissecting the gender inequalities or other oppressive intersections such as homophobia, transphobia or racism. The one who will give you a textual analysis of the subtle or overt misogyny of every advertisement on prime time TV. The one people stop inviting to dinner parties because no one wants to hear her talk about period positivity, or reproductive rights, or the patriarchy in general. So yes, feminism ruined my dating life has ruined my life.

This article really reveals how dangerous it is when our children are subjected to propaganda. And feminism is propaganda. Advances of love are seen as attacks, every man and boy seen as a dirty little schemer and as such treated as objects of disgust.
More about feminism ruined my dating life:
One reason why I started this blog is because I wanted to share my personal experience of how feminist beliefs have played out in my own life negatively, and in the lives of other women and men! I know. I would even go as far as to say feminism nearly ruined my life. I can directly account my being divorced and a single mom to its poisonous teachings. And it started even before I was born. Most especially my mom was bitterly jealous of her oldest sister, the only girl in the family who went to college and then spent her life working as a high school teacher. My aunt taught home economics, so she was still somewhat traditional, but feminism ruined my dating life and her husband who worked for IBM were your typical dual-income-no-kids DINK couple. They lived in a fancy house that was impeccably furnished with white carpet and white furniture.

feminism ruined my dating life

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