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We speak from our minds, not our hearts. Men connect to our hearts, not our minds. Is it any wonder so many men 'disconnect? Do you find yourself vetting a man instead of being relaxed and present? Do you feel worried your words may 'scare' a man away? Love to love dating academy your man shut-down instead of open-up? Do you struggle between saying nothing at all or getting angry and popping off? Are you confused about how to get closer and also get commitment?

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As much as we try to boost our own self-esteem and love ourselves, some days are harder than others. Dating can be hard, but the mindset that we have is what will make us successful or not. Here are ways to make yourself into a dating rockstar by loving yourself:. You should never be too busy to include something that makes you feel happy and loved. Reward yourself every day — and you will start to feel the self-love engine revving up. If you need help with it, seek out your village to help you fill in any gaps. Put this list somewhere you can see it every single day so it becomes internalized. Surround yourself with people that bring you up — that make you feel good love to love dating academy yourself. As much as possible, try to eliminate the toxic people in your life, the critics, naysayers, and Debbie Downers.

love to love dating academy

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