westboro dating parody

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John lives in Washington, DC. John's article archive. A literalist interpretation of the Bible will get you into all sorts of trouble, as this carefree couple discover in their entertaining parody video. Their train of thought comes to a screeching halt. The fun-loving white couple in the parody video keeps coming up with Bible verses to justify one slur after another until… [dramatic westboro dating parody they follow their biblical argument to its logical conclusion and generate a misogynist slur that strikes uncomfortably close to home. People often bemoan the lack of civility in public discourse while sometimes forgetting that civility in public discourse is a two-way street.

The 67 best new christian Videos, Memes and GIFs going viral on Youtube and across the internet in August and of all time in the archives. Westboro dating parody their latest project, they. Sister Cristina Scuccia is not your usual contestant on The Voice. ChristianMingle is a great site for like-minded Christians looking to date, but what about members of the controversial Westboro Baptist. To religiously uplift churchgoers, the pastor hired an acrobat to 'flip'. Last week, the world was shaken when the pope announced he would be stepping down from his post.

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westboro dating parody

westboro dating parody

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