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Share facts or witty lines about zodiac signs! It's their sun sign. They all are world famous Scorpios. People who are born between October 24 and November 21 belong to scorpio match making zodiac sign. They are said to be sensitive and peace-loving until somebody gives them a reason to be revengeful and cunning.

The best match for Scorpio is someone who understands their true nature and really appreciates the brave and competitive edge they offer. Astrological compatibility within the zodiac boils down to two key factors: triplicity and scorpio match making. Scorpio's quadruplicity is fixed, and its triplicity is found in the water element. Scorpios are stubborn, bold, courageous, tough, competitive, resourceful, mysterious, and direct. And often live their lives on the edge of one extreme or another. They need a partner who's independent, ambitious, empathetic, loyal, and understanding. These three signs share the same elemental energy, one that is deep, emotional and introspective. When two water signs are in a relationship, they understand each other on an emotional level and are easily compatible.

There is a strange understanding between these two signs, as if they were one and the same, at least for a little while. The strength of character they share is something that will give them just the right amount of confidence when it comes to sex, and the creativity and openness of Sagittarius will be refreshing for the fixed nature of Scorpio. In order to remain in a healthy sexual relationship, both of these partners have to compromise, Scorpio finding a way to give freedom, while Sagittarius finding a way not to run away from the seriousness of their partner.
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Scorpio with Taurus : Both have a desire to satisfy each other in bed. But their differences will, however, reveal themselves in day light. Scorpio is against laziness and he is greedy. Taurus likes to spend money he earns. Both are proud, stubborn and wish scorpio match making dominate.

Scorpio with Aries : A very unstable combination. Aries loves innovations in sex, and Scorpio will take part in it with scorpio match making pleasure. But Aries loves freedom, Scorpio is jealous. Both are egoistic, dynamic and ambitious. A strong mutual attraction may arise, but their individualism will set them apart. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio foresees a short romance or an unsmooth long-lasting relationship.

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